Rhesus Macaque BAC and Fosmid Mappings onto the Rhesus Genome

(Version: HGSC Mmul_051212, UCSC rheMac2)

A draft version of the rhesus genome has been released by the Macaque Genome Sequencing Consortium led by the Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center in collaboration with the J. Craig Venter Institute and the Washington University Genome Sequencing Center.

Rhesus BACs from the CHORI CH250 Library were mapped onto the rhesus genome using the Pooled Genomic Indexing method developed within our lab and BAC ends sequenced by WUGSC. Fosmids sequenced by WUGSC were also mapped to the rhesus genome.

Assembly tracks, mappings of rhesus mRNAs and ESTs, and mappings of non-rhesus RefSeq Genes were imported from the UCSC Genome Browser.

Search for Rhesus BACs covering a gene, or other area of interest:

  • Enter the RefSeq Gene Symbol or gene name.
  • You will see the Rhesus BACs covering your gene, if any, as a Genboree visualization.
  • You can also try searching using other "Keywords" (eg, accession numbers, ESTs, etc)
  • You can also search for Rhesus BACs directly by entering their name (exa: CH250-8P10).

Browse Rhesus BAC Mappings by Chromosome:

  • Select the rhesus chromosome you want to browse in Genboree

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Japanese Macaque BAC Clone Browser at the National Institute of Genetics. The browser shows Japanese macaque BAC end sequence mappings to the rhesus macaque genome. Individual Japanese macaque BAC clones are available from the RIKEN BioResource Center.